If we do not disturb, we may celebrate Women’s Day!”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, 1985

Marie Marcks, German cartoonist, writer and activist, 1922-2014. Her drawings have been with me all my life. (Power) relations between men and women
were just one of the subjects Marcks explored in her work. Luckily,
in 2013, the Goethe
Institute introduced her to an English-speaking audience
, so you
can get an idea just how amazing she was…And here is a link to her
official site

I am posting these two drawings as a visual tip of the hat (there
are of course many others) to the biggest power flip that has
occurred in the last 10.000 years – The feminist revolution. It
happened just a little while ago in human history terms, and
amazingly, it took place without a single gun shot being fired.
Incredible, if you think about it! But it would be a mistake to
assume the absence of violence, in fact, quite the contrary.

The feminist revolution is still unfolding, it is being contested,
and it certainly is still quite undigested. How did it happen, why
did it happen, and what are some of the consequences for our
societies? More on this in future posts.


“Just roll that thing, silly!“, 1981

Johanna M

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