#learn power wednesdays: Industry, our future


Admit it, you might have bought into the idea that we had entered a post-industrial world. In “L’industrie, notre avenir” published January 2015 (click here for the publisher’s description of the book in French as well as for the table of contents), Pierre Veltz and Thierry Weil set the record straight. Industry continues to be a vital element of national competitiveness, and it constitutes an important source of employment and of national income. Our era has nothing post-industrial about it. Instead, we are living in hyper-industrial times. 

Why hyper-industrial? Because digitization will continue to profoundly modify globalised production systems. A revolution of convergence is about to take place, in which industry and services will converge. In the future, industry
will sell “solutions”,  a mix of products and services.

In order to survive in a globalised world, industrial actors will have to position themselves at strategic nodes of networks that develop competitive bundles of goods and services. New value chains will appear. Veltz and Weil, as well as their co-authors predict that in this context, individual ecosystems, the agglomeration of and exchange between actors in specific geographic territories will play a key role.

In February 2015, Pierre Veitz appeared on France Culture’s “Les Carnets de l’Economie”. In three-minute clips aired for a week, he discusses industry’s image, French competitiveness, the hyper-industrial age and lastly, how industry is anchored in a territory.

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