#see power tuesdays: Near Misses between Russia and the West


A handy google map emanating from the European Leadership Network keeping track of violations
of national airspace, emergency scrambles, narrowly avoided mid-air
close encounters at sea, simulated attack runs and other dangerous amusements, which form part of Russia’s strategy of testing the West’s mettle in the context of war in Ukraine. I zoomed in on Northern Europe, but the map covers incidents world-wide (ELN’s report, which details events up until end of 2014 can be found here).

Not surprisingly, the Baltics, Finland and Sweden, the latter two not being part of NATO, find themselves in a particularly prickly situation. 

Technically, Russia, just like any other country is allowed to use international airspace as it sees fit. There is no international convention regulating the use of military aircraft in international airspace. If Russian fighter planes near your airspace or near your passenger
aircraft do worry you, pretty much all you can do is summon the Russian
ambassador to lodge a formal complaint…

Practically, military jets flying close to civilian planes, with transponders off, or probing air defenses are at best an unfriendly act, at worst, a dangerous provocation.


(”Until someone cries!”)

Johanna M

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