#learn power wednesdays: Male domination


Did you say equality?

On this blog, I periodically look at relations between men and
women. No matter your stance on gender equality or feminism, those
relations deserve a closer look as they are perhaps the most prominent example of
institutionalised power relations on this planet. When grappling with
questions as to how power works in our international system,
how it is reproduced or challenged (and those challenges themselves
challenged), inspecting underlying mechanisms of male domination is
interesting. They are both an example of how power works and a
structuring principle of our world.

I am posting a link to the filmLa domination masculine by Belgian director Patric Jean which came out in 2007. I wish I could post a version with English subtitles! Yep, it is
a pretty bleak picture, at least for those who would like to believe that
the principle of equality between the sexes has profoundly and durably transformed
Western societies. I love the poster. It directly conveys the fact that women willingly participate in the (re-)production of the system that permeates their domination.

Johanna M

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