#learn power wednesdays: Hannah Arendt on power


Hannah Arendt Google Doodle – what she would have made of the firm and its “Don’t be evil” motto is anybody’s guess…

A little while ago, I posted on power theories and how you could organise them along two axes, as theories pertaining either to individual action or to a system, as well as being either repressive or constitutive in nature.

Today, I want to find out where Hannah Arendt’s body of work fits in the table below:


Thanks to Hanke Brunkhorst who slots Hannah Arendt’s writings pertaining to power into our matrix, we may rejoice – Arendt meditated and wrote on all four aspects of power!

Theory of Action/ Repressive: (1) Violence (“On

Theory of Action/ Constitutive: (2) Acting in concert and conflict (“Human

Theory of System/ Repressive: (3) Structural power – Imperial and totalitarian
power (“Origins
of Totalitarianism”

Theory of System/ Constitutive: (4) (Re-)founding power (“On

That really is nifty.

Johanna M

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