#geopolitical fridays: Russia’s engagement in Syria


Russia is currently intervening on a variety of fronts (Ukraine,
Moldova, Syria…to name just a few) using a variety of means, or power vectors (ambiguous warfare in Ukraine,
political subversion in Moldova, direct military intervention in

Russia’s gamble, changing the surrounding institutional security environment deemed unfavourable by appearing more powerful than it actually is seems to be bearing its fruits, at least for the time being.

France Culture gives us an interactive map (screenshot above) of Russia’s military moves in Syria. The link (material in French) also provides a presentation of the different fronts in Syria, as well as audio analysis on regional and international ramifications.


Interactive map of Russian airstrikes (screenshot), France Culture

A snazzy graph from the Washington Post compiling Russia’s military kit in the region and in Syria (October 2015) is after the jump.

Johanna M

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