#learn power wednesdays: Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt (born 14.10.1906 in Hannover, died 4.12.1975 in New York), “Zur Person,” full interview
with Günther Gaus, ZDF, 1964

It is an understatement to say that
Hannah Arendt
was amazing. A laser-sharp mind, with an uncompromising desire to
understand (“Ich will verstehen”), to confront reality, to
engage with it. A self-designated political theorist rather than a
philosopher, her thinking on power was many-faceted, touching upon
both its repressive and constitutive characteristics (a tentative classification of her writings on power can be found here on my blog). More about her work in subsequent posts.

Above an interview with
Günther Gaus, a German journalist and publicist (later diplomat and
politician, with flawless diction and Northern German “st”) from 28.10.1964. The quality of the conversation puts our
current level of public discourse to shame (the subtitles are not always up to the nuances of the conversation)…Arendt is brilliant,
and everyone smokes like a chimney. Those were the days.

Johanna M

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