#see power tuesdays: Mapping influence

Can you see influence? Michel Foucher, distinguished French geographer and geopolitical expert, certainly believes so. In 2013, he published: Atlas de l’Influence Française au XXie Siècle (Editions Robert Laffont).

atlas introduces “influence diplomacy” as the primary axis of French
foreign policy. Next to more classical vectors of French influence in international relations, such as language, diplomacy, military capabilities or economic prowess, this atlas maps various domains – culture, gastronomy, luxury
goods or health – in which France supposedly has an ace up her

Here, maps serve as a tool to take stock of existing,
as well as of potential vectors of influence. The atlas calls on policymakers to
conduct a consistent policy of influence based on identified strength
and weaknesses.

Click this link to leaf through the atlas…

…or listen to Michel Foucher speak (in French) at the Ecole Militaire, Paris, on “Mapping
French influence in the 21st century”.

Michel Foucher, Les Lundis de l’IHEDN, Ecole Militaire, 25 November 2013, “Les cartes
de l’influence française au XXIè siècle”

Johanna M

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