#see power tuesdays: Of heartlands and rimlands


Image: Polelle (1999)

As I kicked off “geopolitical week” on my blog with one of the godfathers of
geopolitics, Halford Mackinder, I am posting two maps illustrating
perhaps the most influential geopolitical theory to date, the Heartland thesis and its Rimland further development.

we dive into the intricacies as to what geopolitics actually is and
ponder what it takes to be good at it tomorrow, let’s just stick to a
very basic description: Geopolitics is about states (mostly), relations
between them and the
geographical context in which they exist. Another way of putting it –
geopolitics is a way of “seeing” the world (Flint, 2006).

Not surprisingly, maps take front and centre stage. 


Image: Polelle (1999)

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Johanna M

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