#see power tuesdays: Mapping cities in the 21st century


This week is dedicated to cities in our
inter-connected, hyper-competitive world. I aim to cast a light on
how power has shifted away from the nation state to a host of other,
non-state actors – one of them urban centres.

Cities have the fascinating
characteristic that they exist within states (and depend on them for
their physical existence), but are also connected to other cities
around the world. Via exchanges of goods, capital, labour and ideas,
they seem to be forming an archipelago among themselves. For some
rare “megapoles” around the globe, there is a certain feel of
extraterritoriality, so far are they removed from the national
economy they nominally inhabit.

Cities have become powerful political
actors in their own right, and it is their linkages that are bound to
have a strong impact on relationships between states, and on how
power functions these days. Click here for a series of great maps by Parag Khanna that show you how the 21st century could indeed be shaped
by cities.

Johanna M

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