#explore power mondays: Power and the European Union


Politics is the art of the
possible. And reality is that Europe is currently composed of
nations. And it is from these nations that one needs to build, and if
need be, defend Europe.”

de Gaulle
(1890 – 1970)

European negotiations are a bit
like love-making of elephants. They take place up high, throw up a
lot of dust – and then, it takes a lot of time before you see any

(1913 – 1992)

Europe is composed of states,
which do not want to be told to do what they have themselves decided
they would do.”

Werner Schneyder

Reporting from Brussels, one
moves in the realm between dream and bureaucracy.”

Wolfgang Klein (*1946)

“We Europeans must understand that soft power alone is really no power
at all. Without hard capabilities to back up its diplomacy, Europe will
lack credibility and influence.“

Anders Fogh Rasmussen (*1953)

Johanna M

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