#geopolitical fridays: The Geopolitics of Fifa


Those were the days: Blatter and Putin during the Quatar Bid (AP)

To conclude football week, two articles from 2015 on geopolitics and FIFA:

One from by

Maurício Santoro,

Political scientist, professor, Department of International Relations of the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

“Football is not about war and peace,” said the former president of
Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, “It’s about something much more important.” The
sport that hundreds of millions of people are so passionate about
mobilizes political and economic forces. No doubt it deserves a more
transparent, clean and effective governance structure. However, these
efforts will not take place on neutral ground, but in the midst of
fierce competition for power and international influence.

The other one is by Marco Vicenzino, Director, Global Strategy Project:

The North-West axis of the developed world, including North America,
Europe and Japan, largely emphasizes a rules-based international system.
It presses for global standards of transparency and accountability in
both private and public sectors.  The South-East axis of the developing
world view, on the other side, is mainly supported by nations in Africa
and Asia and some parts of Latin America. It stresses the primacy of
national sovereignty and non-interference in affairs of other states.
This often provides the convenient pretext for the autocratically minded
to rule at will.

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