#see power tuesdays: Mapping borders and walls


Map of Israel by Le Monde en Cartes, @LM_enCartes, 13 June 2016

This week on my blog “The nature of power in the 21st century”, I am pondering borders – frontiers, barriers, separations, walls – between countries, between countries and people, or just between people within a country. What is the relationship between power and borders?


France Culture Le monde se referme : la carte des murs aux frontières

Borders constitute and structure communities and states. They are
directed against someone, and they are meant to protect,
and/ or to differentiate those they enclose from those without. Borders regulate physically and psychologically.

The map at the very top by Le Monde depicts Israel’s security situation, and an apparent paradox: Israel manages to safeguard its external borders despite an geopolitically dangerous neighbourhood. In contrast, it is vulnerable within, and this despite existing walls and barriers.

Another interesting case of power and borders mapped above: In our seemingly borderless globalised world, we are currently witnessing walls springing up – France Culture has counted in total 65 built and planned walls around the world, totaling 40.000 km, equalling the earth’s circumference.

Johanna M

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